So It Is: Vancouver

A book about the people of a western Canadian city.

How To take your photos!

1. Find somewhere outside during the day, in the shade (don't worry too much about the background). 

2. Please shoot these with your camera or phone in landscape orientation (so the photo is wider than it is taller). 

3. Either position your camera (or better, have a friend shoot for you) about a meter away from you, so that the bottom of the frame is below your belly button, and there's at least a hand's worth of space above your head.

4. Shoot one (or many) shots as the water is being poured over your head.

5. Shoots lots of shots of you wet (after the water has been poured - lots of drips are great though).

6. Pick the best one (or three!) of water being poured on you, and the best of you looking wet and send them to

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS drop us a note at!

[For the pros among you, send us the raw file!]


Prefer pictures instead of words? us too.

This is what we're looking for: