So It Is: Vancouver

A book about the people of a western Canadian city.

At the south west corner of a big chunk of land which today is known as Canada, there lies a place that's been home to human civilization for thousands of years.  There have been many names to describe this place; today it's known as the City of Vancouver. Regardless of what it's called, the combination of human elements have always defined what this place is about.   

So It Is: Vancouver is a book about the people, culture and history of Vancouver. Built around location portraits, the reader is introduced to 95 different sets of current residents. While the subjects of the photographs are all remarkable in one way or another the book isn't so much about them. Rather, they are access points to a greater story. That story is of the city and all the people who call it home - the history, the culture, the way things happen and why. 

The book, was conceived, and created over a four year period. What began as ideas shared between Adam and Kev was eventually put into action in March, 2014; the date of the first portrait and "soaking" of a Vancouverite. 

Roughly 40 more portraits were organized and photographed between March 2014 and June 2015. A 30 day kickstarter campaign was developed and launched on  August 2 2015, and then successfully funded on September 2nd. The remaining portraits were photographed between September and mid October. The book was then designed, written and published, finally launching on December 16th 2015. 

For a roughly a year the book was available for purchase online, through a select group of shops within Vancouver, and at various craft fairs.

As part of the original concept for the book Adam and Kev wished to be able to provide a give back to the city. To date over $6100 was raised, from a portion of profits, and donated to St John Ambulance and Inspire Health, two not for profit organizations supporting Vancouverites in various ways. 

The book is no longer available for purchase but can be found on coffee tables and book shelves around Vancouver and elsewhere. 

Created, produced and photographed by Adam and Kev Photography

Words by Guy MacPherson

Layout by Ben Oliver